Business Plan 2015-19 Document sets out the core work of the Council over the next two/three years.
Financial Regulations Adopted by Council on 21.9.16 (review due September 2017)
Code of Conduct Adopted by Council on 21.9.16 (review due September 2019)
Filming Policy Adopted by Council on 18.3.15 (review due March 2018)
Complaints Policy Adopted by Council on 18.3.15 (review due March 2018)
Model Publication Scheme Adopted at Policy & Resources Committee on 8.12.2008, updated December 2014 & review due December 2017)
Standing Orders Adopted by Council on 17.9.14 (review due September 2017)
Smoking Policy Adopted by Council from 1.7.14
Members Register of Interest Forms For Councillors from May 2015 to May 2019
Expenditure Over £500 Oct - Dec 2016
Expenditure Over £500 July - Sept 2016
Expenditure Over £500 April - June 2016
Expenditure Over £500 Jan - Mar 2016
Expenditure Over £500 Oct - Dec 2015
Expenditure Over £500 July - Sept 2015
Expenditure Over £500 April - June 2015
Expenditure Over £500 Jan - Mar 2015
Expenditure Over £500 October - December 2014
Expenditure Over £500 July - September 2014
Expenditure Over £500 April - June 2014
Asset Register Summary 2015/16 year full document available to view at Council offices
Asset Register Summary 2014/15 year full document available to view at Council offices
Telscombe Town Council Grant Application Form Telscombe Town Council recognises & supports the valuable contribution made by many voluntary groups & organisations to the well being of the local community. The Council therefore offers limited financial grants, the aim of the scheme being to help promote an active local community. Applications can be made for help towards a special project, or the everyday running costs of your organisation. Forms can be printed off, completed & returned by post - they cannot be completed online. We have meetings in November and January of each financial year. For your application to be considered in November 2017, your completed form should be with us by Friday 27th October at the latest.
Grants Policy Review due September 2017
Grants Awarded 2014-15 There are 2 grants meetings in each financial year
Mayor's Grant Application Form The Mayor operates a grant system which is intended to primarily intended to support local organisations and which directly benefits residents of the town as much as possible
Budget Figures 2016-17 (includes 2015/16 figures)
Budget Figures 2015-16 (Includes 2013/14 & 2014/15 figures)
TELSCOMBE TYE INFORMATION Information & contact phone numbers
TELSCOMBE TYE REPORT Report on history & management of Telscombe Tye - April 2009 - by Abbeylands
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