Telscombe Tye

Telscombe Town Council is considering a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the Tye to control dog walking to prevent sheep attacks.   This has been considered at several meetings and further information can be found by looking at the Agenda and paperwork for the Council’s Extra-Ordinary meeting on 15th August 2018.    A PSPO has to be put in place by the District Council and at their cabinet meeting on 17th September, they decided to go ahead with a public consultation.   A statement from Lewes District Council made on 19th September is as follows:-  “On 24th September we are launching a consultation on three options for a proposed PSPO on Telscombe Tye.  The proposed PSPO would be to protect the lambs and ewes that graze on the Tye from being scared, injured or killed by dogs by requiring owners to keep their dogs under proper control.   The proposals were written up in consultation with the Kennel Club and other key stakeholders.   Nothing has been decided yet and we welcome everyone’s views on these options, as well as alternative proposals people may have.   For details on the proposals or to give your feedback visit by clicking on this link:-

For Community Flock profit & loss figures click here:-  TELSCOMBE TOWN COUNCIL FLOCK PROFIT & LOSS FIGURES 2013-18 v270918

Report on Historic Issues and Management of Telscombe Tye by Abbeylands, April 2009:-  Telscombe tye report final no appendices

If you need to contact someone about the Tye gates/fencing/access  Tel: 01273 589777  Telscombe Council.

If you need to contact someone about the community flock or sheep on the Tye then call 01273 302486 (Stud Farm) or 01273 589777 Telscombe Town Council.

Sheep graze the Tye – Please be responsible and keep your dog on a short lead, thank you.

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