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Coronavirus National Restrictions for England

National restrictions now in place from 5th November in England are shown below.
For more information go to
Image may contain: text that says "HM Government NHS CORONAVIRUS NATIONAL RESTRICTIONS 5 November to 2 December National restrictions apply to England: Meeting Indoors Meeting Outdoors nybody 88 Youawh Weddings Funerals Working Essential ilde Non-essential Retail xtremely vulnerable). Closed. Exercise COVID-secure guidelines Leisure 小 Hospitality Except fora allotmentsand outdoor playgrounds. Education Healthcare Services permittedarter 22:00. schools colleges wider restrictions. Residential Care Youcan any encouraged Public Transport Overnight Stays foreal Entertainment and tourism Vulnerable People walkorylewhereyouca. Worship visitor Childcare Youth Clubs worship, prayer. wherethidis13 needt For more information and detailed guidance visit: period. HANDS FACE SPACE"
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