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Advice from the CAB – How can I offer a UK home to Ukrainian refugees?

Anyone in the UK can apply to be a host through the government website providing they have at least six months’ leave to remain in the UK
Home-owners with a mortgage should contact their lender before accepting refugees to avoid a breach of mortgage terms.
Tenants should check their tenancy agreement – they may require their landlord’s permission.
Leaseholders should check the terms of their lease to see whether they are permitted to have lodgers or subtenants.
Hosts must be able to offer refugees accommodation for at least six months.
Those offering to house refugees will be vetted by the government, and Ukrainian applicants will also undergo security checks before being matched with a host.
Local authorities will check that properties are fit to host refugees, and DBS checks will be carried out for those hosting children and vulnerable adults.
Those who don’t personally know anyone fleeing Ukraine can register their interest on the government’s website and consult charities working to pair sponsors with refugees such as:
· Refugees at Home
· Room for Refugees
· Shelter 4 Ukraine
· Reset
Host households in the UK will be offered a tax-free thank-you payment of £350 a month for up to 12 months. This payment does not affect benefit entitlement and will remain tax-free. While hosts cannot charge rent the government advises an agreement such as an Excluded License Agreement or an Excluded Tenancy Agreement be drawn up to ensure all parties are clear on the terms of the arrangement.
Anyone requiring support or assistance should contact us on
• Universal Credit Help to Claim line 0800 1448444
• Adviceline 0808 278 7892 Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.
• Email advice
• Chat online to an advisor
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