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Annual Canvas

Each year Lewes District Council write to every household to check whether they have the correct people registered to vote and to ask you to inform them of any changes. This year, they are continuing with the Government’s canvass reform programme, using data and electronic communication, such as email and text messaging, to make the process simpler.

This means you may receive a text, email or letter asking you to check who they have registered and tell them about any changes.

Email and text messages are due to be sent from the 13th August using the Government’s GOV.UK Notify service (

This year’s canvass, which they have to carry out by law, is taking place as covid restrictions are being relaxed, but they will still work to ensure that they take account of public health guidelines. Please consider responding online, by telephone or text message wherever possible.

The quickest and simplest way to respond is online, using the Elecreg website details and two part security code on your canvass letter, email or text message.

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