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Bee homes in Chatsworth Park

For the second year running, bee homes have been installed in Chatsworth Park. Councillors Laurence O’Connor, Adrian Selby and Ciarron Clarkson installed the new bee homes to help encourage solitary bees and other pollinators in the park.

The bee homes were built by pupils at Meridian Primary School as part of their forest school education and the town council is very grateful for all their hard work.

Pollinators are responsible for around a third of the food we eat, and solitary bees are the number one pollinator. They are non-aggressive as they don’t have a store of honey to protect, meaning they are safe around pets and children. Generally, the males don’t even have a stinger. Use of pesticides and shrinking habitats like wildflower meadows and hedgerows mean their numbers are declining and installing bee homes is a way to help and encourage them

There are 16 bee homes in the park which will be prized real estate over the spring and summer. Please visit Chatsworth Park and keep an eye open for the homes and the new residents.

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