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Grass Verge Cutting

In previous years, we have cut the grass verges every month during the summer, with a total of eight cuts.   We have carried this out on behalf of East Sussex County Council (ESCC) who own the verges.  Unfortunately ESCC have reduced the contribution they give us for cutting the verges to enough for 2 cuts per hear.   However, we are funding 2 further cuts and they will be done every other month, with four cuts per year being carried out.

This year we are encouraging wild flower verges at banks on the corners of South Coast Road and Fairlight Avenue and the area behind bus stop at top of Crowborough Road in E Saltdean.   This is at the request of James Newmarch of ESCC and Saltdean Residents Association.  On the SCR/Fairlight Avenue site,  James has advised that a selection of at least a dozen wild flowers had been noted on the verge.   You will see a yellow daisy on a grey pole at the start and finish of wildflower verges. The advantages that ESCC see are as follows:-

  • Wild flower displays April – August, seed heads thereafter
  • An increase of wildlife in urban areas, including butterflies and bees

The next scheduled cuts are in the weeks beginning 29th July and 23rd September 2019

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