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Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park is a beautifully tranquil site which combines large open grassed spaces, lovely wooded areas, 2 children’s playgrounds and a memory garden. We ask that you help us to maintain this area by bagging and binning your dog’s poo and placing litter in the bins that are provided throughout the park.

We have started a ‘community dog poo bag share scheme’ which consists of some recycled bottles attached to lamp posts where you can add a spare bag, or take a bag if you have forgotten to take one with you.

We also have a lovely cafe concession, Wander Coffee, situated in the car park who serve delicious cakes and savouries and hot/cold drinks on Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Why not go along and give them a try.

Thank you

Should you wish to use Chatsworth Park for a commercial or community activity, please read our Park Use Policy first:

Park Use Policy FINAL 15.9.21

This map shows how to access Chatsworth Park in Telscombe Cliffs along with parking information and bus stop locations.
To obtain sat nav directions, use the post code BN10 7ND for the car park or BN10 7LG for Ambleside Avenue.
B&H Bus times:
The maps below show static street views of the various entrances to the park and playgrounds.
To view any of the maps in larger format, right click and select Open image in new tab
To access street view, scroll further down the page to the Google map.

Access to Chatsworth Park via path or grass off Kirby Drive.

Access to Chatsworth Park via uneven steps off Kirby Drive.

No access via the locked gate off Kirby Drive.

Pedestrian access to the park via Bridle Way. There is no parking available in Bridle Way.

Access to the park’s car park is via Park Avenue (BN10 7ND), which can be accessed via Telscombe Cliffs Way or Central Avenue.

Chatsworth Park can be accessed via the grassy slope at the south end of the park. Cars can park on Ambleside Avenue and the bus stop is close by.

The park can also be accessed via the grassy slope through the trees. Cars can park on Ambleside Avenue and the bus stop is close by.

There is an accessible sloped path between Ambleside Avenue and Park Avenue. The bus stop is near the path.

There is a second accessible sloped path off Ambleside Avenue, which leads to the northern end of the park.

The bus stop is between Manor Drive and Chatsworth Park and it is possible to access the park via both these streets.

Chatsworth Park

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