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Regrading of The Esplanade

LewesDC have agreed to improve The Esplanade and works will take place in the next few weeks.

The Esplanade – The roads marked in yellow are to be regraded and type 1 aggregate laid and rolled in.  The two junctions marked in blue will have repairs in asphalt.

Fairlight Avenue – The approach to the car park is to be resurfaced within the yellow box.  The road from the highway up to the highlighted area is unregistered land so they are not able to make any repairs to this.

There will also be some repairs in Peacehaven at Roderick Avenue South car park to fill potholes and level the surface at the entrance

  • Roderick Avenue South car park, 1st March
  • The Esplanade, w/c 6th March
  • Fairlight Avenue, w/c 13th March


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