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Sheep on The Tye

In response to various residents’ queries regarding possible removal of the sheep on the Tye during this period of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have contacted Stud Farm.  Their response is as follows:-

We are very happy to accept the increase in walkers, cyclists and even dog walkers on the Tye, even walking among the ewes, as long as they do not worry the sheep and keep their dogs on leads when close to them, especially as they are close to lambing on the Tye as usual.

Please can we ask members of the public do not approach ewes with fresh lambs as if you drive the mothers away from their lambs they can after a few minutes reject their own lambs.  We will be patrolling the Tye several times a day to monitor the fresh lambings.

We are carrying out the usual procedure of as they lamb they will be picked up taken to barn where they will be processed with all their needs post lambing. They will then proceed to our new clover leys on Stud Farm so reducing gradually the numbers left on the Tye

We therefore cannot remove the sheep at the present as you suggest from the public which leads us to tell you that we are meeting many members of the public who look forward to seeing them on the Tye especially at lambing time.

All the lame sheep have been treated with antibiotics where necessary and marked with a red V. ’

Telscombe Town Council is therefore asking for residents’ co-operation in this matter as follows:-

  • Please keep your dog on a lead
  • Please bag and bin your dog poo (you can put it in your bin at home too)
  • Please do not approach ewes with fresh lambs – the mothers could reject them
  • If you see a lamb or ewe you think may be in distress, please ring the farm on 01273 302486


Many thanks,

Telscombe Town Council

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