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Telscombe Community Flock – Public Consultation Survey

A public consultation was carried out in May and June of 2019 regarding whether the Council should keep its community flock of sheep.   Of the total number of electors in Telscombe and East Saltdean, there was only a 4.83% response (278 in total), with 3.72% against (214) and 1.1% (64) for.  There were also responses from people outside of TTC’s area – 29 negative responses and 6 positive.    As this  only directly affects the Council Tax of residents of Telscombe Cliffs and East Saltdean, only their comments were  taken into consideration by the Council at its meeting on 17th July.    Following careful consideration the Council unanimously resolved to cease having a community flock of sheep and the flock was sold in October.   8 ewes that were not suitable for future breeding went to Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The Commoners’ Grazing Rights on the Tye remain unaffected and Stud Farm can still graze their sheep on the Tye.

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