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Telscombe Tye


The main body of the Tye is highlighted in green on the map opposite.

The Tye is common land owned by Telscombe Town Council.  Currently it is managed under a Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement. This means the Council receives a grant for maintaining the Tye to meet certain goals laid out in the agreement. One of those goals is for the grass to be a certain height during specific times of the year. To achieve this the Council schedule an annual grass cut of the Tye between July to September, the time period we are allowed to cut, after the ground nesting bird season. The current method is to cut and collect the grass for green waste disposal. This aids a mix of wildflowers to grow in the spring. The grass bales are not viable for resell as bedding or animal feed as they contain dog waste. The HLS scheme is coming to an end soon and the Council are taking expert advice on what the next steps are for managing and funding management of the Tye.  We will keep you updated in future newsletters.  We are also working with the commoners to ensure that grazing is limited to the amount of sheep listed in the Commons Register.

If you need to contact someone about the Tye gates/fencing/access then call Telscombe Town Council on 01273 589777.
There are a number of registered public bridleways and footpaths that cross areas of the Tye and third party owned adjacent fields.

Click here to view the map:- Tye footpaths & bridleways

We ask all users of the Tye to be responsible and follow the Countryside Code:-  countryside-code-poster

We especially ask that dogs be kept under close control at all times and on a lead when sheep, lambs and horses are present.  Thank you for your co-operation.

If you have a query regarding the flock of sheep on the Tye, these belong to Stud Farm and your query should be directed to them on 01273 302486.

Commoners Grazing Rights

The Tye is Common Land which has registered commoners grazing rights.  As part of the grazing rights, Stud Farm and Kirby Farm can graze their sheep on the Tye whenever they want to.   That means they can have them on there 365 days a year if they wish.   The Council therefore has no control over when the sheep will be present and cannot fence areas off as the rights are across the whole of the Tye.  We are also working with the commoners to ensure that grazing is limited to the amount of sheep listed in the Commons Register.

Please see below the Shepherding Calendar for Stud Farm.   Dates are only approximate and are weather and staff dependent:-

Shepherding Calendar Stud Farm

Prohibited Activities on Telscombe Tye

Telscombe Town Council endeavour to ensure that Telscombe Tye continues to be a safe and relaxing environment for its residents and visitors to enjoy. To these ends the activities listed below are NOT ALLOWED and where offences are disclosed, will be prosecuted:

Dog Fouling – Dog walkers are reminded that they are responsible for removing any dog waste when they leave the Tye & placing it in the bins provided or ANY public or household bin.

Offence of ‘Livestock Worrying’ – The Tye is grass down land & there is a common law right for the sheep & lambs to be on this land. Dog walkers are requested to keep dogs on a lead. Incidents of ’worrying’, resulting in injury & death of the sheep & lambs have been and will be reported to Sussex Police. Dog owners are reminded that they are liable to be prosecuted for this criminal offence. In addition, any dog or dogs found worrying the livestock can be destroyed either by the farmer or judicially following a successful prosecution. In ALL cases dog owners will face a compensation claim for damages from the Farmer which can run into thousands of pounds.

Hang Gliding & Kite Boarding/Kite Surfing/Power Kiting – Whilst flying of small soft household kites up to a maximum of 1m is acceptable, larger kites,  hang gliders, powered hang gliders, kite boarding & kite surfing or power kiting (even if it is just practicing or tuition)  pose an unacceptable risk to public safety and ARE NOT ALLOWED on the Tye.

Firearms, Shotguns & Air Weapons – No shooting is allowed on the Tye without the written authority of Telscombe Town Council.  Anyone found to be on this land with a loaded Shotgun, Section 1 Firearm, or Air Weapon (whether loaded or not) without this written permission WILL BE reported to Sussex Police for the offence outlined in Section 19 or 20(2) Firearms Act 1968. Anyone witnessing this can make an immediate report to the Police.

Hunting – NO hunting of any type is allowed on the Tye.

Driving Motor Vehicles – Anyone found to be driving a motor vehicle on the Tye contravenes Section 34 Road Traffic Act 1988 & the matter will be reported to Sussex Police for investigation.   This includes cars and motorbikes.

Metal Detecting  – Metal detecting & digging of holes is strictly PROHIBITED on Telscombe Tye.

Golf – golfing or golf practicing pose an unacceptable risk to public safety and are not allowed.

Camping or lighting fires – pose an unacceptable risk and are not allowed.

If you see any of these activities going on and wish to report it, please contact the Town Council on 01273 589777.  If it is possible to get a photograph of the person engaged in the listed activity, please send this to our email address so we can investigate the matter:-





This map shows how to access the Telscombe Tye along with parking information and bus stop locations.

There is no available post code for sat nav directions to the Tye, but using “Telscombe Tye” works on google maps.

B&H Bus times:

The maps below show static street views of some of the entrances to the Tye.

To view any of the maps in larger format, right click and select Open image in new tab

Access to the Tye via sloping ramp and bridle gates at Bevendean Avenue/Ashurst Avenue

Accessible gate with small amount of car parking available at Tye Close.

Accessible gate with small amount of car parking available at the bottom of the Tye, off the South Coast Road. Please take care turning in and out of this area, as it is on the brow of a hill.

Telscombe Tye


In 2018 Telscombe Town Council (TTC) applied to Lewes District Council (LDC) for  a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the Tye to control dog walking, mainly to prevent sheep attacks.   It was considered at several meetings in 2018 and further information can be found by looking at the agenda and paperwork for the Council’s Extra-Ordinary meeting on 15th August 2018.    The proposed PSPO would be to protect the lambs and ewes that graze on the Tye from being scared, injured or killed by dogs by requiring owners to keep their dogs under proper control.  A PSPO has to be put in place by the District Council and following TTC’s application, at their cabinet meeting on 17th September 2018 LDC decided to go ahead with a public consultation.   The consultation ended on 23rd November 2018 and, following consideration of the results by Lewes District Council, they issued the following statement:-

Having considered the findings from the recent consultation on the Telscombe Tye, the Council will be not be introducing a Public Spaces Protection Order at this time.

However, the situation will be kept under close and constant review.  In liaison with Sussex Police, inspections and patrols by the Council’s Neighbourhood First team will be increased at the start of the lambing season.

If at any point new evidence of attacks on sheep is found, the Council will consider introducing a PSPO as a matter of urgency.

The Council will also look at increasing signage at access points onto Telscombe Tye and community information about the countryside code.

The feedback from the consultation is available at’

However, as sheep graze the Tye we ask that you please be responsible and keep your dog on a short lead, thank you.



The Council sold its Community Flock of Sheep in October 2019.    However, the Commoner’s Grazing Rights are unaffected.


Report on Historic Issues and Management of Telscombe Tye by Abbeylands, April 2009:-  Telscombe tye report final no appendices


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