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Winter Support Fund for East Sussex

Sussex Community Foundation (SCF) and East Sussex County Council (ESCC) have teamed up to create a new small grant fund for not-for–profit organisations working to support people most affected by cost-of-living issues.

The Winter Support Fund for East Sussex will go live on Monday 7th November, and will make grants to successful not-for-profit organisations of up to £10,000, a total of £405,000 is being made available up until the end of March 2023. All grants will need to be fully spent by the end of May 2023.

SCF will consider applications for funding to:

* Meet increased organisation running costs such as salaries, fuel, electricity, heating, and volunteer expenses – some of the areas hit hardest by rising costs.

* Build capacity by bringing in additional resources to help meet increased community needs. For example, by recruiting additional staff and volunteers, by building local partnerships or by delivering additional training and support for staff and volunteers.

* Support organisations in adapting to and providing alternative support to those in need over the winter. For example, through the provision of warm banks and spaces, including those where food and other activities can be provided.

The first two types of support have been informed by the results of the SCF Cost of Living Survey administered to VCSE groups and organisations, and also chime with the insight that we are hearing from VCSE sector partners.

We are sharing this information with Parish and Town Councils to enable you to consider how you might work in partnership with your locally based not-for-profit organisations to provide support for adapting and providing alternative support to those in need over the winter in your local communities.

Although applications for this grant fund are not open directly to Parish and Town Councils, this is a great opportunity for you collaborate with your locally based not-for-profit organisations that would like to apply to the Winter Support Fund for East Sussex.

SCF and ESCC will be promoting the grant fund to not-for-profit organisations form Monday 7th November.

If you are interested in learning more on the support to individuals in East Sussex you can visit the ESCC webpage Support with the cost of living, ESCC will be updating this webpage on a regular basis through our work with the multi-agency financial inclusion steering group.

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